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We are committed to providing evidence based psychological services for children and young people in a school setting.  We offer a range of specialist services to children, parents and professionals that are tailor made to meet specific mental health needs.

Psychological Services for Schools is bringing the expertise of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services to schools and embedding highly experienced mental health workers into schools.  All our staff are experienced CAMHS practitioners who now work directly in schools and avoid lengthy waiting lists.

Embedding specialist services into schools allows children to access specialist mental health support whilst avoiding the stigma associated to accessing traditional mental health appointments in school time.  Providing support to professionals through training and supervision allows all staff to feel confident and supported as they respond to the mental health needs of children.

About our services

Our aim is to provide emotional support directly to children in school.  This avoids long waiting lists in the NHS, which can make problems even worse. We offer a range of services.

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Information for Parents

All our clinicians are registered with a national professional body.  This means that they are required to maintain their membership through Continued Professional Development.  Before we work with your child we will need your consent.

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Alderwasley Hall School, Derbyshire

We have developed an internal referral system to support staff as they identify signs of mental health need in children. Regular meetings have allowed us to screen referrals and support the school as they begin to identify the children they are most concerned about.


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